6. Rhino

These are notes on Rhino from Rhino 5 Essential Training by Dave Schultze

6.1. Chapter 2

  • Basic types of entity: point, curve, surface, solid

  • Turn on control points: select shape, F10

  • Turn off control points: F11

  • Can move control points with shift + left click (orthogonal directions)

  • Can select multiple control points to move with shift + click

  • Bezier curves - ok for 2D, bad for 3D

  • B-spline - better for 3D. Can import illustrator file drawn with Beziers, Rhino will convert it to b-splines

  • NURBS Surface - infinitely smooth - display mesh may show straight lines - smaller number of points + curves is better

  • Mesh - not smooth at all - geometry mesh is straight lines

  • Use Rhino templates Help > About > New > Small objects, millimeters, 0.001mm tolerance (3 d.p.). DECIDE TOLERANCE AT THE START!

  • Tolerance can’t be bigger than radii - exploded fillets.

  • Draw an area that is roughly the right size - in case you are an order of magnitude out.