3.8. Texmaker Tips

3.8.1. Built in Viewer

Built in viewer is better than external viewer because it will be built often

Options > Configure Texmaker > Commands > pdfviewer > Built-in viewer

3.8.2. Dictionary

Texmaker can use the GB dictionary. All red underlined words will be highighted in the source code. It will also highlight latex code that is not in the GB dictionary.

Options > Configure Texmaker > Editor > Spelling dictionary > C:/Program Files (x86)/Texmaker/en_GB.dic

3.8.4. Built-in Commands

  • Latex menu has a built in set of commands for the Latex structure of the document.

  • Math menu has a built in set of commands for MathJax.

3.8.5. Quick Start

Wizard > Quick Start menu has a quick start option, e.g.

  • Document class: article

  • Typeface Size: 11pt

  • Paper size: a4

  • Encoding: utf

  • Author: Andrew Roberts

  • Title: Project Title

  • Geometry Package

  • AMS Package

Wizard > Quick Tabular can create a table quickly

Wizard > Quick Array can create an array quickly

3.8.6. User Tags

User > User Tags - similar to Macros, e.g. mytitle, myequation, to enter Latex content. This will input the tag quickly.


Comments are added in Latex with %

3.8.8. Help Menu

Help > LaTeX Reference contains all the commands for LaTeX Help > User Manual is for Texmaker