3.10. LaTeX Bibiography

This is an example of a LaTeX bibliography.

% References section will be created automatically
% with inclusion of "thebibliography" environment
% as it shown below. See text starting with line
% \begin{thebibliography}{99}
% Note: with this approach it is YOUR responsibility to put them in order
% of appearance.


A.~C. Melissinos and J. Napolitano, \textit{Experiments in Modern Physics},
(Academic Press, New York, 2003).

N.\ Cyr, M.\ T$\hat{e}$tu, and M.\ Breton,
% "All-optical microwave frequency standard: a proposal,"
IEEE Trans.\ Instrum.\ Meas.\ \textbf{42}, 640 (1993).

\bibitem{Wiki} \emph{Expected value},  available at


The references are cited like this (~ is a space):

~\cite{melissinos, Cyr, Wiki}