1. Project Work

The projects I have worked on recently are listed below. The reports are password protected for reasons of confidentiality.

1.1. Modelling Powder Removal from Additive Manufactured Components

This project is concerned with the removal of powder from additive manufactured components. The objective is to develop a methodology to model the flow of the residual powder within the component in order to be able to identify problems in the powder removal, and optimise powder removal strategies. We will simulate tubular geometries and identify issues such as dead spots where powder is not being removed; and attempt to correlate this with empirical knowledge of powder removal. The project is run as a consortium with various industrial partners.

Final report:

Developed code (first and third solvers are the same):

1.2. Modelling an Additive Manufactured Heat Exchanger as a Porous Medium with Heat Transfer

Whilst it is technically possible to simulate the individual microchannels, and even small groups, simulating an array of 100+ tubes would be highly costly, computationally. Instead we introduce a meso-scale model for the whole unit, in which the individual tubes are represented by a porous region in the CFD model, porosity coefficients being determined by empirical and analytical relationships from the microstructure. This provides for an efficient model of the component as a whole which can be optimised through one of a number of approaches (adjoint, genetic, topological etc).


Developed code: